Monday, March 21, 2011

March 19, 2011

Dear Family,

This has been the most tiring week of my entire mission, hands down! I had a great time and loved every second of it but i am beat to a pulp. Starting tuesday, i have gotten up at around 4:30-5:30 every day this week. I`ll spill the beans on it later and tell you everything that happened.

But starting with your letters, first of all i had NO IDEA that bryan and karen were expecting a baby, let alone twins!! Tell them congratulations for me. Also i am glad that ezra got here safely, i think it is so wierd to think about a new human being just "showing up" but im glad he did. That is another niƱo on the list that i havent met.

Ya the elders in the mission are all pretty much supporting my BYU decision, but i have no idea what i will study at this point. Maybe it will be an english major. Hmmm....

Speaking of that, i had plans to return and go to EAC and live with Tanner Gililand and Bryan Fleming, you met them a few times. But now i have gotten letters indicating that maybe they arent going to EAC. Mom, becuase i can`t email those elders, would you see if you can get a hold of their parents and see what their plans are? Because if we are going to live together then we need to put wheels into motion to get an apartment set apart for us. (That last phrase is wittier in spanish.) The only dificult part is i have NO IDEA how you can get a hold of tanner`s parents. The only thing i could think of would be looking in a phone book or on line and finding all the gililands that live in flagstaff az. The last name is either Gililand, gilliland, or gililland. If you could find them and call them and ask them to ask tanner if he and bryan are planning to go to eac after all. Let me know if you have any luck.

But now i will tell you about why i have been so busy and just what it is that has made me so tired that i fell asleep sitting up (serioulsy, i did. so did elder moore). this week we had zone conferences with Elder Enrique R. Falabella of the Seventy. He is the one that spoke a few years back and talked about how his toe stuck out of his shoe and so his dad shined his toe. He came and visited our mission and we had a conference tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday. We had to travel and set up everything in various parts of the mission. This was elder moore`s first time setting up a zone conference and only my second, and on top of that we had a general authority with us. Stressfull. But we did it all, i got ti sit down with Elder Falabella and his wife and have a discussion. They are very nice and i was glad to get to meet him and learn from him. Maybe he will speak this april in conferecne.

But we have had a rough week, never getting back to the house until night time. But thats the job and it was actually a very edifying expiriecne. I`ll attach pictures.

Other than that i was thinking about the fast sunday thing we used to do with grandpa where we all went to his house to be with him. Do you still do that?

And also today we were in the car for about 6 hours straight, moving some missionaries out of their areas into new ones. I am just ready to go and take a nap! But of course there isnt really time. The funny thing is that next week we have to go out and drive all over the mission AGAIN, wednesday, thursday and friday. Good times. I am learning to hate the infamous van.

Well i gotta get going so that i can attach photos. Love you all and will talk to you later.

Elder Davis

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Wizard said...

I have Tanner's parents' email address if you need to contact them. Just let me know if you need it.