Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2, 2011

Dear Family

Its March. What the heck is that all about. I turn 21 in 3 weeks. This is just a cruel joke.

Well good to hear from the family. Snow always sounds fun especially in March. That should mean lots of water in the reservoirs.

It was also really good to hear from Elder Jenson and Elder Douglas. The mission still talks about both of them.

I am also really excited for Chantz and his BYU plans. I am sure he will do great there. It was never an intention of mine to go there but now that i think about it it is a definite posibility that i will go to BYU after the mish. The first year back i will have to go to EAC to get the old GPA up to par, but then i could definitely go there. The only obstacle right now is the fact that i dont know what i want to study or major in. We´ll see how the tortilla crumbles but BYU is now definitely an option i am thinking about. Oh the times they are a changing.

Its also good to get an update about the niƱos. When i left nash couldnt even walk let alone talk, i only saw peyton once for about 5 minutes and Davis didnt even exist yet. Its gonna be weird to come home because i still imagine Ryder all tiny and Mary Kate too. Now i will come home and they will be finishing their Masters Degrees.

So i am now with my new companion Elder Moore. I get along very well with him, just like with Elder Montoya, but the are both very different. I am compatible with both of them in different ways. Elder Moore is kind of a scriptorian genius and super well read. We talk about literature and the scriptures and stuff like that. Very interesting. He has had some difficult things happen in his life and it makes him a very solid type of person. His third area was a place called Santiago Atitlan, a village in the mountains that is famous in our mission. In that village they speak the Mayan dialect of Tzutujil. Ya. So he learned to speak the dialect there. It sounds like a mix of German, Navajo and elvish. He speaks that and Spanish and english. Trilingual. Kind of a genius.

We get along really great. And actually him and i get to go on divisions back to Santiago. I wont understand a thing those people are saying. It will be like going to Egypt. And also in that area the women still use the corte i have talked so much about, but the cool thing is that there the men still use a native dress. its like white striped shorts that is called ´scoff´. The missionaries there used to wear it up until about 3 months ago and the area presidency put the nix on that. But i will be sure to take alot of photos there in Santiago. it is on the other side of the lake i always take pictures of. The water of Mormon lake. its gonna be sweet.

Speaking of the Area presidency, this month we will have conferences with Elder Falabella, and me and my companion will have to be the hosts for him on his trip here. I think i will get to eat dinner with him and all kinds of stuff like that. I am really excited.

Well i dont have a lot left to write to you all but i have decided to do something new in my emails. Mom i am going to write down questions from now on for Grandpa Sherwood and i would like you to ask him them and then type his answers word for word for me. It wont take too long but i will ask a question a week until i come home and can do the interviews with him i want to do. So my question this week is:

¨Grandpa, who is the first Prophet you can remember as a child and what do you remember about him?¨

so mom please ask him that and then type his response to me this week.

Well not much else going on, i gotta run now.

Love elder davis

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