Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 26th 2011

dear family
well this week was another dewsie (is that how you spell that?) for me and my companion. We had to (surprise surprise) travel alot and we are just finally having time to write home. I had a great birthday and a big thank you for the package and the birthday emails.
The morning of my birthday i was in the coast on divisions and i was lucky enough to get a pancake breakfast from the zone leaders in santa lucia. Not that it was for my birhtday, i was just in the right place at the right time. Then we went home through antigua and i ate lunch at a restaurant called mono loco. It was yummy.
Other that that it was a pretty normal week. I have canker sores. So....ya.
Oh ya, on division in Santa Lucia i went with the elder to teach a family that i contacted my last week in Santa. The dad remembered me. I dont remember them because i contacted dozens of families in santa.
Almost every night in Santa Lucia, we would be done with our last appointment and be close to the house. Usually it would be about 8:50. I would always try and use those last ten minutes to work before we went home for the night. We would make one last loop around the block looking for a family walking in the street to contact. I tried to do that because those 10 minutes are never coming back and maybe there is someone who needs to be contacted out there at the last minute.
It is important to use every minute of the mission because it all goes so fast. And this family that is now listening to the lesson was one of the ones i contacted at the last minute instead of going to the house a tad early. I am very grateful to the leaders i have had in the mission that established in me a habit of diligence, using every second of the mission and especially for the habit of contacting families. If they had not instilled all of the in me then i would have probably just said "oh its close enough" at 8:50 and headed off to my house. Had i done that, the families would have gone uncontacted, i would have lost opportunities to learn and teach and i would not have the satisfaction of knowing i went the extra mile to help these Guatemalans have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It just goes to show how big your circle of influence can be. Thanks elders.
But life has been good here in GuateGuate so far. Me and elder Moore are both doing just ducky and we are currently preparing for changes. We will have one more change together and then i will leave the office for one more change in the field.
Good to hear that Chantz will be at the airport. I thought he was trying to escape on us.
Its good to hear the stories about the niƱos. The one about ryder and the french vanilla ice cream is precious. I mean he is a hadlock davis combo, what do we expect.I do want to see some pics of the new addition to the family. Even if he is still in ugly red swollen alien baby stage.
I got to be in the car a lot with President Baldwin this week. We usually dont have so much time with just him in the car and so it was nice to ask him questions and learn from him. He is an extremely wise person. He like gets Isaiah and stuff. Haha. When we go to the temple with him i always ask him questions. Its great.
Other than that not a lot is going on. I have to speak in sacrament meeting this week and i am going to talk about tithing. that seems to be a hard commandment for lots of people, no matter in what country they live in.
Oh and also my companions and i have been taking advantage of the mission "rumor mill" to spread/allow rumors about ourselves to spread in the whole mission. For instance, a large part of the mission right now believes that Elder Montoya and i got along so well we used the same toothbrush. True? No. Funny? You bet your bippy. The one we are getting going now is that myself and elder Moore are writing a book. Its a doctrinal commentary on the pearl of great price. Hahah lots of people give Elder Moore the label of "deep doctrine guy" so we are taking advantage of it and letting them jump to crazy conclusions. Its great. Ill let you know how fast the rumors spread.
Well gotta go thanks for everything
Elder Davis

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