Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 30, 2011

Dear Family,
Well the ides of March have passed...i think. Either way Ceaser is already dead.
Wow time is going by so fast! March is already gone basically. Tommorow it will be April Fools Day.... just kidding.
Well i am finally writing you at the normal time of the week, which is a miracle in and of itself. This has been the most hectic change of my life, lots of things going on. We had another tour of the mission, which means lots of travel. As i think i mentioned i also went out to eat for my birthday and i will try and attach pictures of me at lunch with the Elders. Other than that not a lot has happened. I feel like i have less to write about now a days. Maybe there is just less i am permitted to write about seeing as i cant write on the blog about some stuff that goes on in the office.
So the birthday package was great. We are going to color eggs in between sessions of conference. This week i also spoke in church. It was only the 4th time or so in my mission that i have spoken in church. I also realized that it could very well be the last time that i get to speak in church in my mission and so when i picked a topic i was very careful and thought about what would be the thing that would most help the guatemalans that i love so much.
I spoke about tithing.
Elder Moore says it was a "Fire and Brimstone" talk. Or as we say in Guatemala "Fuego y Azufre". I just shared my most fervent feelings with the ward about the importance of paying the tithe. If you want to progres and have an economic guarentee from the Lord just pay your tithing. I got pretty fired up, considering the fact that not paying your tithing is not only putting a giant cork in the blessing bottle, its also the quickest way i can think of to engender the anger of God. So i let them know that if they wanted to not burn at the last day, they should pay their tithes.
It was a good one.
So we are all really excited here in the mission for General Conference. It is really a treat, Also, i usually convince the secretaries here in the office to give me a massage while i´m sitting at the desk. Right now, elder Lydiksen is rubbing my shoulders. I hope he doesnt stop cause i have big knots.
This week we also did changes. It was an interesting chage, and as always, doing change with President in his office is always a very special expirience. Elder Lydiksen stopped rubbing my shoulders.
As i mentioned in my last letter i have the hope of training my last change in the mision. We will see if that comes to fruition.
This week we also had an Elder fall ill and needed to be hospitalized. He may have to go home which would be a big shame, and we are still waiting to see how it all turns out. Elder Lydiksen is rubbing my shoulders again. Oh ya.
Well it was good to hear in the email about home, i am sure the new baby is exciting. that would be great if Reece and Rylee would move back close to home. I am really anxious to see how Ryder is following in my footsteps and becoming like me. I am sure that will be the biggest shock about going home, seeing how all the family has changed.
So this week i got to spend a little more time in my area. It is frustrating to have office duties and field duties, becuase i dont feel like i am completely focused on my area. I have to be away from the area so much it sometimes makes me feel like a slacker. Obviously i am not but thats how it feels. It would be great to have just a field assignment againm and it looks like that is how my last chage will be. Not that i dont like being in the office, its just that i would like to be able to give all of myself in my area. Elder Lydiksen stopped rubbing m shoulders again.
Well i had better go so that i can attach some photos. Thanks for all of the letters!
Elder Davis

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