Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 14, 2011

hey family,
Well this week has been great! We had the new missionary meeting and i got to see how the new elders are progressing. We got a great group this time and i am excited to see how my 2 favorite elders take to life in the feild.
Something else cool that happened this week was s "secret mision" that Elder Moore and I came up with. We called a companionship in each zone in the misison (9in total) and gave them the secret goal of finding 5 families in one week. The mission standard of excellence is 3 families a week. We, however, chose Elders that we knew could accomplish the task and we are currently waiting for results. It is an exciting thing because it is happening in the whole mission but it is a great big secret and so we just refer to it as "the project" and are always calling the chosen elder to encourage them. From the looks of things so far it looks as if all of them may find 5 families.
The purpose of the activity is to show the misison that we are capable of finding many more people than we are currently fiding and that we just have to change our minds and our attitudes. We are asking these missionaries to do it so that we can call apon "2 or 3 (or 9) witnesses" to testify of the possibility of finding 5 families. i am happy with the project and think that it should yeild results.
Another occurance of interest happened this sunday. We are currently meeting with a man who is a less active member of the church. He got baptized about 5 years ago but because of some problems with some missionaries he stopped atending. We found him knocking doors and are now meeting with him every sunday.He is nice enough, but has a bit of a grudge against th church and the elders. We have slowly re-gained his trust. His family on the other hand, seemed to be beyond help. They became very bitter about what happened with the old missionaries and didnt even want to say good afternoon to us (which here is kind of really extreme). Well any way this sunday we were with Brother Rolando and his family was in the house but completely ignoring us. We asked Rolando what we could do to talk to his family and get them to listen to us (they were never baptized). He said that is was a lost cause and that it would take a long time to get them back to the table with Elders.
As the mom and daughters bustled hurridly around the room i had a stroke of genius. I know the Guatemalan people, and i know what they like. And they ALL seem to like 2 things: pictures and white babies. And it just so happens that i have a picture of white babies in my spanish scriptures! So i pulled out the family photo that i have in my Bible. On the back i have written "Mi Familia Eterna". My eternal family. I called out to the mom and said "Hey i heard you like pictures!" She just sort of stared at me. I pulled out the photo and said "Look this is my family." In about 3 seconds everyone in the house was gathered around the picture. All guatemalans say the same thing when they see my photos. "Mirá! Allí está él! Y que chulos los canchitos! O tan lindos que son!"
They all begin talking about how cute the little white children are and trying to find me in the picture. And they all think the flower on Lowee´s head is adorable and make comments about it. I have the family picture we took out at the golf course way back when. It seemed to get their attention and as Preach my Gospel says, teaching the importance of the family is a major factor in finding new investigators. So i pointed out to them who all of the people in the picture are and made some jokes to get them laughing (another thing that the Guatemalans love) like ¨"and look at the most handsome one on the right!" or "Now you have to pay me 5 quetzales each for letting you look at such a great picture.
They ate it up and now have agreed to listen to us. I hope to see miracles in that house very soon. And it all started because of our family picture. And so contrary to the philosophy of Grandpa Sherwood we are NOT the ugliest bunch on the planet and we ARE indeed good for something. hahaha
But it was good to get all of your emails Mom it sounds like you are gonna have lots of fun with that bike of yours. I would maybe like to use a bike at college: it will keep me in mission shape and help me save money. I bet you and mr. Fritz will have a great time riding together. Also, President Baldwin was a marathon runner and ran for lots of years but has now cut down on the running alot becuase it is high impact on the knees. he says that biking is better for your knees. So there ya go, he would know.
Also this week was zone leader council. We got to have our meeting here in the office. We then went to the mission home for delicious turkey and mashed potatoes (from sister b) and play the famous animal game. Those videos of me dancing like a chicken are from that game. And then this morning we all went to the temple together. It was a geat expirice to be in the temple for the last time with President Baldwin as a misisonary, seeing that this will be my last temple trip with him. I took advantage of the time we had together inside to ask him lots of questions. Those meetings are always great. Zone leader council is one of the favorite meetings becuase it is such a great group of elders that we have serving as zone leaders.
Other than that i dont have a lot of news. President Baldwin told me this week about their schedule for the last week in the mission. I will indeed get to have my final interview with him. He will give me my exit interview on saturday and then on tuesday he leaves. I will spend my last day in the mision with the new President but that is alright by me. Just so long as i get my final interview from Presdient Baldwin. The up side is that he lives in Arizona so i will get to see him more often than most.
Well i dont think i have anything else to say. Just keep the news coming from home, i always look forward to the emails from family and friends. And even though i may not respond to the friend emails (cause i cant) from people like Jon etc. i love to get them and always read them. I also always mean to write a hand written letter but that still hasent happened yet. Life is pretty busy. Well i gotta go so have a safe week. Pray for me and for the Elders and Sisters in my mission (especially the ones with the "secret mission") this week.
Gotta go
Love Elder Davis

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