Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23, 2011

hey everyone,
Well thanks for the news from home, always good to hear about stuff like that. I had a great week.
As far as the "secret project" went it was a huge success. A companionship in every zone of the mission succeeded. We had many companionships that passed the goal we set and found more that 5 families this week. Elder Kauhuenele and his trainee Elder Tanner (snowflake az) found 5 families. The elders in Solola found 6 families and the sisters in Antigua found 7 families. The sisters deserve honorable mention because Antigua is super catholic and they were doing this project the week before easter. The passion week in Antigua is a crazy house. You should google photos of Antigua at "semana santa". They do big processions and make carpets of sawdust in the streets. And despite all of that they found 7 families. Elder Jacobs and his trainee Elder Tays (safford az) found 8 families.
We made the secret mission public this week at zone conference. We called the missionaries up and told them to tell the misison what they had done. I was very inspirational and we are using the example they set to have higher goals as far as finding families.
As far as Brother Rolando and his family, we met with him this Sunday but his family was not home (they were out looking at the processions that i mentioned above) . We hope to find them this Sunday. And no, canchitos does not mean piglets. "Canche" or "canchitos" is Guatemala means white skinned. So little white babies are called "niƱos canchitos". However, that is just a Guatemalan style word and so Mexicans or someone from another Spanish speaking country would not probably know that word. If you want to call them little pigs in Guatemala you can call them "cochitos". Almost the same as "canchitos" so i can see where the confusion would come from.
As far as reporting the sunday i get back, i`m fine with that. I dont really want to think about it, but im fine with it,
Wow graduation is coming up! That is just insane. Well give the biscuit my congratulations for not failing high school.
I hope that ezra is now past ugly fetus stage so that I can see some cute photos. I still havent seen any, but that is exciting that he is going to be blessed soon.
As far as roommates go, i still dont know what i want to do. Keep giving me LOTS of names about who all are going so that i can decide if i want to live with any of them. We need to decide pretty soon though and the thing that will probably end up happening is that we just randomly sign me up for a room in "The Towers" dorm complex and we see who i get. Email me this week and let me know any other info and i will let you know my final decision.
Well i know how my final week in the mission will be, in relation to President Baldwin. He is going to alter the schedule a little so that he will be able to give my group our last interviews on Saturday. Then he will leave on tuesday and President Brough will take over that day. My final transfer meeting will be presided by Presdient Brough. President and sister baldwin plan on going to the Tikal ruins that week and then after they finish their vacation here in Guatemala they will fly home. So i will actually get to AZ before they do. We can all go and hear their homecoming talks. Oh, and mom you said you wanted to meet President Baldwin. Just go watch a Dallin H. Oaks talk and you will pretty much have the idea. hahah
Well this week, as i mentioned, we had zone conferences in the mission and that means lots of traveling. I am pretty beat but still happy. This week that is coming should be fun as well. For P-Day this week we went to Antigua to hopefully see some of the famous Semana Santa festivities. We went on a Tuesday and so nothing much was happening until later in the week but we did go sight seeing and got to visit the ruins of a 300 year old catholic church. I will attach photos.
Gotta run, have a great week,
PS oh ya i will be calling home soon for mothers day. I will give you all the number to my cell phone later on and you can call me and we`ll chat a bit.
Gotta run for real,
Elder Davis

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