Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011

hey family,
Well i had a wonderful conference weekend and april fools day. My April fools day was so good because we got almost all of the zone leaders in the mission. We called, for example, elder Jacobs in Villa Nueva and we said "Hey Elder Jacobs one of the missionaries in your zone just ran away. His companion called us and we called President. We don´t have any ideas, what is your suggestion?". Hahaha it was classic. We did it to almost all of the Zone Leaders in the mission. However, one zone leader companionship thought they could pull a joke on ME.
Elders Park and Lowry called and told me that one of their Elders was missing. Ya right. So I hung up on them and then called back about 2 minutes later. When i called back i said "Don´t worry Elder Park i told President Baldwin all about the missing Elder". He started freaking out "NO it was a joke it was a joke! Why did you call President it was a joke! he is going to kill me!" Hahha i turned the mesas on him. You cant fool me.
And just so you know family, you also narrowly escaped a great april fools joke. I was going to have the secretaries call the house and tell you some stuff but none of them had the nerve. So you escaped that one.
But General Conference was also excellent. I enjoyed all of the talks especially Elder Christoferson´s and Elder Bednar´s. I also find it interesting that President Monson called for donations to the missionary fund. I hope that all of you that hear that are planning on donating to the fund. If he asked for it we must do it.
This week we had changes. Me and Elder Moore are together still of course. We have a new secretary, Elder Francis. Elder Romero finished his mission this week and we got to be with him on his last day. One of the funnest things that we got to do was receive the new Elders. I saw on the arrival sheet that 2 of the newbies were from Arizona. But to my surprise i found out that one is from Snowflake and one is from Safford. The one from Snowflake is named Tarrin Tanner. I introduced myself as Elder Davis from Eagar and he said "Are you Chantz Davis´older brother?" Apparently they played basketball against each other alot and almost went at it a few times. But he is a great kid and you can just tell that he will be a good missionary. In the first 5 minutes with an Elder you can see the potential they have and what kind of missionary they will be. The other Arizona kid is from Safford and his name is Ean Tays. Elder Jacobs finished his time as ZL and is now training him. Another great kid. Which is good because the AZ elders have a great reputation in this mission.
This last week we also got our hand on a new CD (which is always exciting) from the MoTab. It is just the men from the choir singing. They do a version of "He´s got the whole world in his hand". That song is a little silly and so it has now become a make-up-your-own-words sing along in the office. Such as: "He´s got an Asian baby in his hands, He´s got the 1890´s in his hands, He´s got European Socialism in his hands. He´s got Tom Hanks in his hands." It is quite entertaining and very easy to do. I recommend it as a family home evening activity. Hahaha
Also, i think i may have passed a tape worm this week. But there is no way of knowing for sure. So....ya.
Well i gotta go, i would love to see photos from Chantz´s prom.
Elder Davis
P.S. "He´s got crunch peanut butter in his hands, He´s got Jackie Onasis in his hands, He´s got the Oakland Raiders in his hands, He´s got scuba diving in his hands."

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