Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dear Everyone,
Well time is sure going by fast, it seems like I just wrote a few days ago. But here I am in week 4 of my last change in the office. We had a good last few days, we went to Antigua and had a good time there like a i mentioned in the last email. This week we have had some meetings in the office and have gone on divisions and have more scheduled. It has been a good old fashioned week.
Good to hear that the passports came in. Elder Deering says he is coming back down in December with his little brother so maybe we could cross paths or something. Also i think i have mentioned this before but Ashlee has connections with the Deering family. Elder Deering told me that he heard from his sister that Ash and Colin adopted a baby. So if anyone speaks to the deerings, tell them that Elder Deerings best friend in the mission says hi.
Well the news from home sounds good. The pictures from the Easter egg hunt look like it was hit with the niƱos. Looking at those pictures i dont even recognize lots of those little things. I thought the picture of Davis was of someone else´s baby. Layne is completely different, and Peyton is so big! They all probably have their drivers licences by now.
So driving in the van is a common thing in my life now and so all of the office staff has to make up ways to keep ourselves entertained. The most recent "back-seat phenomenan" has been the game 2 truths and 1 lie. You tell 2 truths about yourself and 1 lie. Then everyone has to guess which is the lie of the 3. On long trips to conferences in Chimaltenango this is quite the fun game. I´ll give you an example.
1) Someone hit me with an egg while i was tracting in my 3rd area,
2) As i was driving I got pulled over (sirens and all) by police carrying machine guns about 1 month ago.
3) I ran over a goat in the van while driving to divisions in Escuintla last week.
Which one is a lie? isn't that fun! Its a great time killer and you learn alot about the other elders in the van.
And i know i told you all about the "secret mission" we did last week. In the zone conferences we gave a workshop about finding new investigators. i´ll share part of it with you:
As an example we put up a picture of Jesus walking on water. I´ll attach the photo we used for the conference. We asked them to think a little about that moment. Jesus came unto the Apostles, walking upon the water. Peter then asked if he could do the same. He got permission and, briefly, walked on the water as the master did. Think about that moment. How could it have been different? How would it have been if Jesus had been in the boat and had asked Peter to step out and talk off walking? Would that have been easier or harder for Peter? Obviously it would have been much harder.
Peter knew the sea. He had worked on it his whole life and the scriptures show us that he was a strong swimmer. He knew the sea. He knew how it was, what it did, how it behaved. That was his life and his work. He knew perfectly well that men did not walk upon the sea. That was impossible.
That is why the Master came to them walking on the water. It was in the moment that Peter´s mind changed about the ocean. He knew that water, through the power of the Savior, could be walked upon. THAT is where he got the faith and the courage to step out of the boat and walk on the water.
We then connected the Bible story and finding investigators. Most people would say "i know my area, i have been here a long time. You can find 5 families. That is almost impossible." Sort of like "men cant walk on the sea". But the missionaries, like Peter, needed someone to show them that, ¡YES! it can be done.
It was then that we asked the companionship's that participated in the secret misison to come up. We proceeded to explain that you CAN find 5 famlies. It was a highly effective meeting.
I will also attach the "gift" we gave to all the companionships that completed their misison.
Other than that it has been a normal week. A while back Elder Moore and myself found a great new family and we are excited to continue teaching them. They know a little about the church but we left them with Books of Mormon and they have read all the we left and they really like it. We are really hoping that they continue to progress and so add the Ramirez family to your prayers por favor.
I gotta get going but you all have a great week and we will talk later,
Love Elder Davis
P.S. when you call for mothers day you can call the number along with whatever codes are required. That is my number. I am not sure what day you want to call. You all can decide and then give me a jingle whenever. We have a rule that our cell phones are never allowed to be turned i am sure i will answer.

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