Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dear Family,
Well it was good to talk to you all. I do however NOT have an accent. At least that I can hear. And if i were to have an accent it would not be Mexican.
Well that is crazy that Greer Lodge burned down. I think its probably a good thing that I am coming home pretty soon because if i don't the whole city will get destroyed. Look at what has happened since i´ve been gone: the high school got hit by a plane, Greer lodge burned down, the dome changed colors, etc. Things are going nutty without my presence.
I am really excited to get Chantz´s announcement. It is too bad that I am going to miss his graduation but that's not a big deal. Just throw your hat in the air and pretend i´m there.
That is too bad to hear about Grandpa Davis. I will be praying for him.
Chantz and Rulon going camping sounds like a fun time. That was actually one of the things i want to do with Chantz when i come home is go backpacking with him. I am confident I can out-hike him. Guatemala is very hilly and i walk with a pretty heavy backpack everywhere. So maybe when i come home him and i can take off for a few days.
So big news in the mission. The Joseph Smith movie is out on DVD now. I am pretty happy about that. I comes in a pack with other videos in the distribution center. It is the Doctrine and Covenants video. Now i can use it to show investigators. Its the same video that was shown at the visitors center. You should go out and buy it.
Hahah i was thinking the other day about who my new roommates will be. Before the mish i would have been pretty stressed about who i was with and i would be making sure that i got in with the people i wanted. After all, who wants to live with a wierdo right? Well luckily ladies and gentlemen i have been living with wierdos that i don´t know for the last 2 years. Stick me with WHOEVER you want and i am sure it wont match some of the comps i had in the mountains. That being said it would be nice to have normal roommates.
The rainy season is just now starting. In Boca Del Monte (where i live) the rainy season means one really cool thing: GIGANTIC TOADS. We were in a lesson last night when a gigantic toad came slapping in the open front door. The mom screamed and me and the little kids in the family followed it out into the yard to get a better look. It was about the size of a large grapefruit. Really sweet.
Well on Monday, just a few hours after the phone call, myself and elder Moore went to President house to do the changes. We assigned new areas to elders and decided who should leave and where to send them. It was my third and last time doing the changes and as always was a very spiritual experience. I got to see my new area, position and companion. I cannot tell you with who or where I am going but i will next week. I will however tell you that i am very excited, and that you will be surprised. It will be my last area and last companion.
Well im gonna go for right now, i might use some more internet time this week,
love you all

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