Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 23, 2011

Dear Family
Well tomorow I hit 23 months in the mission. Although i am sure you all at home are not conuting of course.
Well this first week with Elder Tanner has been GREAT! He is a great companion to have. He is humble and just wants to work hard. It loks like we are going to have a TON of success in this area. We challenged a family to be baptized that has been listening to the elders for a while and they agreed to a date and so it looks like we will be baptising a family this change. We also had a really incredible expirience with a man this week.
We felt impressed to do so and so we knocked a door near our house. It was a nice house and i made the pesemistic comment to Elder Tanner that "rich people hardly ever want anything." A lady came to the door. I told her we had felt impressed to knock her door and she agreed that we could come back another day. SO we went back and the dad came out this time. He said that right then they were eating dinner and that if we came the next day he would have time. So saturday we went to his house. He asked us how much time we would take. I told him that if he only had 5 minutes then we would only stay 5 minutes. He let us in and then we began to talk. We introduced outselves and told him why we were in his house. He began to talk and told us that his wife had told him that we had said that we had been impressed to knock his door. He siad he felt that was signigicant. Then he said the following: "Because of the violence and the situation now a days, I never let people i dont know into my house. I had the intention to come out and tell you yesterday that we werent interested. But when I saw you and spoke with you I felt something in my heart telling me to let you into the house. I too feel that God has brought you too my home."
Me and elder Tanner were both pretty shocked. That is like an ensign story! He then told us about some of the reasons why he believes in God and some things that have happened in his life that have influenced him. He stopped and said that he was speaking more that we were. And THAT is what missionay work should be like.
We then started to talk to him about how is family could be together forever, IT was ok but did not feel right. I felt prompted to talk about Prophets. I asked him "Do you know what a prophet is?" THat started a conversation about Prophets. I and ELder Tanner gave out testimonies that God loves us and that to guide us he calls Prophets. We told him that we knew that there is a prophet today on the earth. The spirit in that room was so thick you could have cut it with a machete. The humble testimony of Elder Tanner is propbably what pushed it over the edge. When you are new you cant do much more that say "sè que eso es verdad" "i know its true". Elder Tanner is better than most newbies with Spanish, but it was simple somewhat awkard testimony and it hit the spot.
I could tell that the man (his name is william) could feel what I was feeling. I felt prompted 2 or 3 times to say "William i want you to know that we know our message is true." I said it 2or 3 times. "William, know that we know this is the truth." "WIlliam we are sure about all of this. THe holy ghost has confirmed it to our hearts."
It was simmply one of the most powerful lessons i have ever been in. We gave him a book of Mormon and I challenged him to baptism on the spot. I asked him "if you come to know that our message is true will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptised by someone who holds the priesthood power of God?" He said if the Lord lets him know its true he will do it.
William said we could come back to his house this week and we have an appointment to go. I am reallly excited to see what happens. I imagine he has read what we left him in the BOM.
Other than that Ihave just been getting to know my new area. The other day i am pretty sure i saw a dog eating a human skull. I cant be positive but that is what it looked like. E Tanner thought so too.
My branch is pretty cool, it is rather small and was a ward about 4 months ago. It had to be made a branch because of lack of worthy males. THe Bracnh President is a returned missionary but both of his councilors are recent converts of less than a year. But they are all good men. I was asked to speak yesterday as a welcome to the branch. I think i did pretty good.
This change meeting we just had was the last one for President Baldwin. He will not be at my last change meeting. But thats ok. HE will at least give me my last interview.
Sounds like seminary graduation went well. I showed ELder Tanner the pics you sent and he said "yep i played against them". haha funny. It is werid to think that i will be just missing graduation and all that. I will get home just 3 weeks after.
I will be very happy to meet elder tanners parents when i come back. I am sure he will send some paackage with me or somehting like i did with Elder Johnston and Elder WInters..
I went to a graduation party like the one you are talking about. It was at Thatcher High and only graduation seniors were alloud in. I was an RV junior. Hahah but i got in and won some stuff too. For more infromation see Matt Platt.
I am excited about coming back here one day. You all will love it and no you will not get decapitated and left in the streeet. We will only go to safe areas of the country. THe only thing that gets me is the money and the time. WHen would we come? I am going to be a busy little feller i think. Haha darval would know random facts about guatemala.
As for the question "what food do i want when i get home" i dont want to think about that yet. I well let you know "mas adelante". You people are baggy.
Gotta go

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