Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Hey family,

Hows life back in the USofA? Things here are good, let me tell you about my week! I will start by responding to your letter mom.

Sounds like graduation went well, it is hard for me to believe that Chantz is graduated but it is even harder for me to believe that I graduated 3 years ago! It seems like that just happened and that i went off to school.

No you hadn`t mentioned that the Stoners had a Filipino living with them. That is pretty cool i guess, i am sure that Eric is loving that. I know I will miss speaking with native speakers when i get home.

I am sure you are now getting everything ready for Chantz`s college adventure now. I bet he is feeling pretty nervous. It is funny, after being a missionary I don't really fear very many things. You learn out here what you can do and what limits you can be pushed too. For instance before the mission i would have shyed away from "hard professors" at college etc. now I am confident i can do it. The mission helps you understand the hard things are just that: hard, not impossible. I may even take a mathematics class at school when i get back (GASP!)

You had not mentioned about your cousin Dan Sherwood. But that is terribly sad, i will keep them in my prayers.

Ok seriously, Ryder graduated from Preschool? When i left he couldn't even speak well! These niƱos are gonna be HUGE! Davis was born my first change in the field! He is probably setting up his 401k by now.

And for the record you people are SO baggy. You cant just ask me 4 weeks before I come home what I want to eat at my homecoming. That is just madness. If you are lucky i will let you know my last week.

Well this week for me was good. We only found 2 families which I know is below our potential but I am excited and optimistic about this week that is coming. I have the goal to talk to every family that I see in the street and contact them. It works well and is a tradition handed down by Elders Douglas and Hatch. Gracias Pues! In the district the goal is to find 12 families in one week. That would be a record breaking week for this district.

But the other day at lunch Elder Tanner and I were served liver. Now, i know that liver is eaten in the states too i am not a fan of Guatemalan liver. I just tasted as if someone had been filtering urine through it. Oh wait a second, that is what a liver does! No wonder I didn't like it much.

Also this week we taught a guy that lived in the states for a while. He lived in Vegas and actually got baptized in a Spanish branch up there. He got sent back here and we found him. The plan is reactivation. But at the end of the lesson with him he busted out his guitar and wrote elder tanner and I a song. It was sort of weird. "They walk all day here in Guatemala. They preach the gospel and are from Arizona." Something like that. It was odd.

Also this week I got a letter from Claire Eager. She said she reads the blog. Hi Claire!

Anyway she told me about a bunch of cool things that are going on back home. For example, we now have a singles branch. That is new and interesting. ON a related note, do we have a Spanish branch still? Cause if so i am gonna go and hit that fiesta up when i get home.

She also told me that despite the fact I haven't gotten letters from that group of friends, that they have not forgotten me. I remain unconvinced. (But its too late now folks, you blew your chance to write me and get blessings :) )

Haha but she also mentioned that i will be home for the debut of the new harry potter movie. However, i think she did her math wrong cause i don't get home til the end of June. She said the movie comes out 14 of June or so. So sorry Claire i wont be there for the party! I already have plans for that day with Elder Tanner. ¡Baptize Familias!

OH and by the way family, i forgot to mention something that i bought in my last area for the girls. A member lady there makes jewelry and i bought you all necklaces for mothers day, They are the big fat bead kind that you mujers always use. I hope you like them, if not I will come back and exchange them for you. Hahah

But other than that I have been doing great and working hard. I mentioned last week about William and his family. This week we were able to go back and talk to them again. This time his wife came out and listened as well. They did not read the book of Mormon but did glance a little at the pamphlet and so we explained the importance of the BOM and committed them to read it. They, like others, thought the Book of Mormon was just another version of the Bible. Lots of people think that its just the "Mormon Bible" and that it just has a different name. I have no idea where that comes from because all you have to do is open it and see names like Zarahemla to know it is not the Bible. But now they know and we will go back and see how their reading went. The wife was very nice. Her name is Eva.

We also have another family that is preparing for baptism in June. The familia Jeronimo. The dad is already a member and the son and mom want to be baptized in June. I will let you know about their progress as it happens.

Well love you all gotta go

Elder Race Davis, missionary man

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