Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 6, 2011

Dear All,
Well another week flew by. This is my second to last week in the office. And boy what a week it was. Let me justt ell you some of the things that happened:
The first of mention is that, once again, i have fleas. I dont really know how because we have a pretty sweet house, but have them i do. I think part of it might have to do with the fact that we go on divisons and are always sleeping in the houses of other elders. We probably get them from them. Either way it is very annoying when they bite me.
Speaking of divisons, this week I went withthe Zone Leaders in Villa Hermosa, Elder Park and Elder Lowry. I also went with Elder Toledo and Elder Hansen in Panajachel. Good times.
I have a quick question mom. What is that story about grandma telling grandpa not to give money to someone and then in the end she ended up giving him a bunch of money? I vaguely remeber it and shared it this week in church. Those stories seem to be a big hit here.
Other news is that we had a fireside type thing in the house of a member this week. As we were finishing up and blessing the refeshments (atol with pan favorite!) a bunch of gunshots went off right in front of the house. It was during the prayer and kind of eerie. After the prayer the lady whose house we were in said "did you hear that elders? you cant leave this hosue for another hour!" they really love and take care of the elders here. I kept making the joke that i wnated to step outside and buy some tortillas and the whole house freaked out. it was pretty funny. But in the end it all calmed down and we left the house 10 minutes later.
Speaking of Guatemalan danger, soemthing else REALLY EPIC happened this week. Like Pinocchio i can now say "I´m a real missionary!"
I got bit by a dog.
This is how it happened: we had contacted a family we saw walking down the street a few days earlier and monday night we went to find the addres they had given us. We eventually found the house number. We knocked on the tin door and a little brown face popped out. We asked them to call Alvaro, their dad. So the little face disappeared. About 10 seconds later another little face appeared. We sent him to call Alvaro as well. The first little brown face soon popped back out and said he was coming. Then more and more little brown faces were popping out of the door, the window and looking down at us from the unfinished second story of thie house, some cleaner than others. Finally Alvaro showed up and let us. We walked into his humble home full of children and chickens. He motioned at the back seat of a car that they had taken into their house to use as a couch, and asked us to take a seat.
As i started to do so, another little face appeared out of nowhere. But this was not the face of an adorable litte guatemalan. It was the angry face of a crazed guatmalan chucho! I have seen some mad dogs in my time, we missionaries and the k9s have a long history, (see philippians 3:2 to see what Paul had to say on the subject to other missionaries). But of all the angry dogs i have seen this one was the one that wanted to bite me the most. Becuase he did! He came at me with his teeth bared and snapping at my legs. I started kicking at that perro with all my might! But alas he dodged on of the kicks and bit me right on the akle.
Of course i will attach photos.
The question is, then, what did i do after that. The answer? I sat down and taught them the restored gospel of Jesus Christ thats what i did. Maybe we can convert the dog too and get some pure love of Christ in him.
Actually the lesson went quite well. I could feel the blood running down into my shoe as i shard the scriptures with them. They liked our message and wanted to know why there are so many churches in the world today. Ka-ching! I will be excited to be invited back into their humble home. That is just the kind of family i love. But not the dog, it is very annoying when they bite me.
I have been foaming at the mouth a little recently. But i dont think its related.... :)
And to respond to your questions about "2 truths and a lie" i have only this statement: Those were the nicest men with machine guns i have ever been pulled over by.
In other news, i heard about Ossama dying. How epic is that? Sister Baldwin called us monday morning and told us about it. We instantly called all the zone leaders and let them know. I told them all to wear red white and blue ties if they had them. People here in Guatemala didint really seem to care. I hope you can save me a newspaper about it for my colleciton. I did a tap-dance in celebration.
As far as the mothers day call, i will answer whenever you call. I dont know the time changes though. I think you should call at 2:00 guatemala time. We have stake conference that starts at 10 and ends at 1 and so at 2 i should be done with conference and have eatn lunch already.
Well some elders are planning a trip back down here in august and want to know if i would come down too. I was thinking maybe in august as a senior present for the busicut we could come back together or something. I just dont want the tickets to cost alot. How much are tickets for august? I have connections here so we could do everything really cheap except the plane ticket. Its just an idea.One of the elders is coming down with his brother that is thinking about going on a mission. It would be to inspire him a little. I think it owuld be fun but maybe better to wait until another month. My fear is that once school start life will get too crazy to come back here.
I have to go if i am gonna be able to attach the photos so i will talk to you all on sunday afternoon.
Love race
p.s. the photos are of my bites and the adventurous times on divisons in panajachel.

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