Thursday, May 19, 2011


Dear Family,
Sorry that I am writting so late but we had some things to do. From now on (for the next 5 emails) I will be writting on Mondays as normal.
And why will i be writing as normal? Because I am now a NORMAL MISSIONARY again! I am no longer in the office. I have been assigned to a field position in my last area with my last companion, Who is it you might ask?
None other than Snowflake`s own TARRIN TANNER.
Yes, i know it might seem impossible but President Baldwin has assigned me to serve with Elder Tanner for the last 6 weeks of my mission. He is currently sitting next to me and we are having the time of our lives toghether. We are both really really excited to be working together and he will help me go out with a big bang!
Yesterday was change meeting. I stepped down as assistant and ELder Rosales from El Salvador came in and took my spot. He will do a great job with Elder Moore. This change Elder Musick went home which makes myself and the other Elders in my group the oldest missionaries in the mission. Jokes are flying like mad.
But other than changes/new companions/last change news, i am doing great, Last week before i left the office i had a bad expoirience. I had to shave and didnt have time to do it at the house. We took the mission car to the office and on the way inside i stopped at a store and bought a disposable razor. I cost me 3.50 quets. In american money that is about 40 soemthin cents. Let me tell you that trying to shave with that terrible thing was one of the worst things i have ever done. I never cut myself shaving but i came out of the office bathroom covered in knicks. It was a stinging, burning expirience.
Well im not sure what else to tell you all. My new area is called Jerusalem and it is on the outer fringe of the capital. Elder Deering is my zone leader and he is sooooooo happy to have me in the zone. He is a good guy and we will end together in glory.
Well i want to know how graduation goes and the birhtdays as well. We have a couple of may birthdays in the family if im not mistaken.
I have a lot of goals for my last change and i am really excited to accomplish them. And i can think of no one better than Elder Tanner to do it with. ANd i want to tell everyone (lest there be any doubts) that i am not baggy/trunky. I actually still dont feel like my mission is ending even though i know that it is. I will just keep on working until the last second so dont you worry about that.
I dont really have a lot to say. This week was busy but boring if i´m honest. Just lots of preparing for the new assistant etc. I did however buy mothers day gifts for mom and the 4 sisters from my favorite member in boca del monte. She makes jewelry and i bought necklaces for each of you. I think you will like them. If not well then i will come back and change them in.
Well i gotta go and chagne the world with Elder Tanner. I´ll write when i have more time.
Love, Elder Davis

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