Monday, June 20, 2011

20 June 2011

Dear All,
Well that week went by fast! It still doesn't feel real that I am coming home. It hasn't hit home. I feel like I did when I reported. I don't know what to feel. I don't feel anything. Its kind of hard to process and so it just seems like nothing is happening out of the ordinary. I feel very blessed to be focused right now. My thoughts are not focused on home, as much as Elder Tanner tries to get me to talk about it. Hahah but i feel like its just any other week of my mission, even though it is the last week.
Seeing as I am not baggy at all, i have no bagginess to write about, therefore I will write about my area and my week.
This week we went to Antigua Guatemala as a zone. It was my last of about 6 times going during my mission. I bought some stuff to bring home. One of the funnest things I did there was take a picture with Elder Deering. Our first change (which was the last time we were in a zone together) him and I went to Antigua with our trainers. We climbed to the top of a famous hill there and took a picture together with all of Antigua behind us. This week we went back to the same spot and took the same picture, fast-forwarded 2 years. Putting the 2 photos side by side is pretty neat. We were both kind of chubby before. "Baby fat" as E Tanner calls it. My cheeks were more full and we both had more of a baby face. We now look like old tired men. Hahha
I also bought the nativities in Antigua. I bought 6 and payed about 10 dollars each. Or, phrased another way, you people owe me 60 dollars. Hahah
The nativities are nice, some of them are bigger than the last one I sent home. But they are all in good condition, with one small exception: the man sold me 1 of the nativities without a Baby Jesus. Now, if you ask me, a nativity without a baby Jesus is not a nativity, its called "several people standing around a donkey". I will see if I can get a replacement baby Jesus.
This week I will finally get my suit i bought a few months back and I have the plan to give my old black suit to my current branch president. He is tall like me (a miracle here in Guate) and doenst ever wear a suit to church. I think i will end up giving it to him. We`ll see how it goes.
Being in my last week is a little weird, but like i said it doesn't really phase me. One thing that makes me very grateful is that I don't feel like I have to change my pace to end with success. I have been far from perfect as a missionary but I feel like I can continue to work and obey and study at the level I have been at and end with honor. In other words i am not scrambling here in the final days of my mission to be a hard working elder. I am not trying to be extra obedient to make up for 2 years of iniquity. The bible dictionary in Spanish defines diligence as a "constant and valiant effort". I don't feel like i have to make anything up in these last weeks of my mission.
I realize how simple (but not easy) it is to be a successful missionary. You don`t have to do anything other than what you are asked. Do what you are asked in the way that it is asked of you and do it consistently for 2 years.
We are not asked to baptize thousands or to move mountains or to change an entire county in 2 years. We are asked to go out and work, obey the rules and do it for 2 entire years. 24 months, not 23. I have found it very simple, yet taxing. But at the end of it all it is highly rewarding.
I had to speak in church again this week. It was my last time speaking in Guatemala. It seems very strange to think that I will only go to church 1 more time and then i will be in the stake center in RV. Go figure. As i said, it doesn`t feel real.
I don't have a lot to say, my next email (my last) will be a little more "baggy" seeing as I will only have 2 days left.
I gotta go and I will see you soon,.
Elder Davis

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