Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13 2011

Hey Family,
Well looks like from your email that you had to evacuate and then you returned. That all happened in between email sessions! That make me very happy that you are back in RV but it sounds like the mountain is pretty trashed. That will be depressing to see when I get home.
This week was awesome and I have a lot of things to write.
First of all this week I got a haircut and the guy destroyed my hair. I will try and take a picture so that you can see it before I get it fixed for the plane ride home. I looks like a blind man went at it with a butcher knife.
The second piece of news is: FAKE AMERICAN CLOTHES: Thats right, Elder Deering and I went to a place that sells fake american clothes and we went to town. You all had mentioned that you wanted to go and do some clothes shopping after I got home. That will not take as long anymore because this week I bought the following: 4 t shirts, 1 "tommy hilfiger" polo, a "Hugo Boss" tie, and a hollister sweater. It all come out to about 60 dollars. the T.shirts were about 3 dollars a piece. So ya. The sweater is the coolest thing in the world. It is a cardigan, and we all know how cool those are.
Also speaking of clothes it looks like from the pictures that the Buscuit got a new suit. That is exciting news. I got his graduation announcement and Julie Reece`s too.
This week i had my second to last interview with President Baldwin. Before the interviews started he sat everyone down in the chapel and talked to us for a bit. For the 3rd time in 2 years i saw him cry. He got up and said "The time has arrived". I was a wreck and so was sister baldwin. THen in my interview with him we were both pretty happy until the closing prayer that i offered and i just started crying like a baby. It wasnt even my last interview. But it was still rough. My last interview will be the 25th and that will be the last time i see president baldwin as a missionary. I plan on going to his homecoming the week after mine.
Also coming home from interviews we had to hurry and get home and so we caught a taxi. As we were driving we started contacting the driver. His eyes just got wider and wider and started paying more and more attention to what we were saying. I told him that I hadnt come to Guatemala to tell him who Jesus Christ was, that was something that he already knew, But i told him that I had left my home and family and come all the way to his country to tell him about a man named Joseph Smith, a prophet of God. By the end of the ride he said, before we got out of the taxi, "I have never heard anyhting like what you just told me in my life. I am very interested and i would love it if you would come by my house. I work everyday but sunday but would you please visit me this Sunday? I wrote down his address and then promised him the elders would visit him. That night I called the elders that lived where he lives and gave them his number and address. The elder called back 5 minutes later to say that the man answered his phone and said that he want to go to church that very sunday. It was by far the most Espiritu Santo filled taxi ride ever.
Also i eat lots of eggs now. Exciting? No but its all i got to talk about. I will attach picture of how Elder Tanner and I pound eggs.
Also anther thing that has been going on recently is that the members of this branch dont like me very much. That doesnt usually happen, i seem to get alng great with the members everywhere. It is happening here because the Elder that were here before us were not that obedient and so I come along and they see me as "no fun". For example "oh elder davis you dont want to watch `Evan Almighty` with us? The last elders did." or "No there is no rush, the other elders didnt leave our house till 9:40 you can stay longer."
Stuff like that happens and they think i am a party pooper. That is the impact disobedient elders can have on an area.
This week we were waiting for the members to show up for sacrament meeting and a stray do showed up instead. But apparently this dog wanted to hear the gospel becuase he was trying to get into the chapel really hard. I was kicking the thing in front of the church trying to keep it out and it was trying to bite me and get in. It was pretty intense. I felt a little silly fighting a dog in my suit infront of the chapel. But you do what you ahve to do.

Well i gotta get going if i am going to attach the pictures i want to.
Gotta go.
Elder Davis

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Markee said...

Can't believe it's already time for him to come home!!! He is such a great missionary!!!!