Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 2011

Hey fam

Well first of all, WOW about the forest fire. Its hard to tell from the letter how serious it is and how eminent the danger is. I mean houses would only burn in Eager because of embers right? I can`t imagine flames getting into town. But anything is possible I guess.

I cant imagine evacuationg eagar but I guess its possible. Let me know about the details. Would you go to St. Johns? That is where I would go....there is nothing to burn out there.

So on a happier subject this next week I will be going to Antiuga, the land of souvieners and I want to know how many nativitys you want me to buy. I will get them if you let me know.

On a sadder subject, this week Elder Tanner and I were walking down the hill to find a family. We passed the bus station and went down to the house. The dad wasn`t home so we turned around and headed back up. We walked past the bus station again and it was full of people. We had just been there 5 minutes earlier and no one had been around. In the time we went down to the house and come back up some one had run onto a bus and killed the driver.

We were there close by but didnt hear anything. Aparently the driver was an inactive member of the church (just like everyone else here) and lived just a few houses down from us. The bus station ius about 200 yards from our house.

This week was also kind of a dificult one for me in the beggining. This last change I just want to find a lot of new investigators and leave the area and the branch in great shape for the next guy that comes along. We have been talking to EVERY family that we see in the streets and putting appointments to go to thier houses. I feel like I am working harder and being more diligent this change that i have been ever before. Elder Tanner and me are working like crazy people and i felt like we werent getting results. We had appointments falling through left and right. Satan was working hard on me.

It wasnt so much not being successfull that got me but rather the fact that i didnt know WHY i wasnt being successfull. We have been trying hard and sweating alot and last week we only found 1 family. That is strangely sub par for a week here in Guatemala. Luckily the end of this week turned out great and our prayers were answered. This week we found 4 families and a total of 16 new investigaros. Most of that happened on sunday. Payday!

I hope no one that served their mission in Europe is reading this because I am sure they would have loved to have found 1 family a week during their misison. hahha

Also something random happened this week. On saturday we were talking at about 8:00 to a guy in the street under a street lamp. THere was no one in the street but us 3. I was telling the guy about our message and trying to get into his house and teach his family (this was during the drought of success) when out of nowhere the guy falls on top of me and almost knocks me over.

When we both got steady again we saw this huge dude with no shirt on walking by. He was pretty drunk and had shoved the poor guy as hard as he could. The guy (felix is his name, we have a lesson with him on wednesday) got pretty mad and wanted to guy fight the drunk guy but decided not to because the drunk guy had a gun. SO ya, thats probably a good idea felix, dont fight the armed drunk man.

Other than that I am doing great, just trying to stay focused. It is really hard to just think "well i wont be here in 3 weeks anyway" which is not a good attitude. But things are going well and ELder Tanner is doing great. Thanks for the email and we will talk next week.

Love Elder Davis

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