Monday, June 27, 2011

LAST LETTER HOME!!!!! June 27, 2011

Dear Family,
Well, that went by fast.
I have offically been a Misisonary for 1 year and 3 days. Tommorow I am going to the temple for my last p-day and then wednesday I am no longer "in the field". Thrsday early they put me on a plane and that night I will be with you all.
As for our reunion, I have a few requests. I want you to bring the following 22 things to the airport (if possible):
  1. Gary
  2. Kathleen
  3. Katie
  4. Tom
  5. Mary-Kate
  6. Lowee
  7. Davis
  8. Rylee
  9. Reece
  10. Ryder
  11. Peyton
  12. Ezra
  13. Chelsee
  14. Daniel
  15. Camdyn
  16. Layne
  17. Markee
  18. Eric
  19. Nash
  20. Charlee
  21. The biscuit
  22. Grandpa Sherwood
That is all I want. It isnt that big of a list is it? Haha i bet that some of them wont be there but either way it will be a crowd. I dont know who all is planning to be at the airport but keep your eyes peeled for the deering family. They should be easy to spot. Elder Deering and I get off the same plane at the same time. We are sitting next to each other the whole way home.
As far as requests for when I get home I think pistachio dessert would be fine. You make what you want and I will eat it. And just so that you all know this still doesnt feel real. It still hasent hit me yet. I get kind of excited about it but seeing you all is such a foreign thought and action that I cant really comprehend it. I feel normal. I am working like normal. I dont know when it will hit me but I expect that it will be soon.
Well this week was a good one we had some miracles occur here in the branch. We have been working on reactivating some of the many less active members here. THis week we had 3 families in the chapel that hadnt showed up in a long time. The familia Morales came. They had not come in about 5 years. Mario Carillo and his family came and so did the familia Beliz.
Sister Beliz had not come in about 4 years either. I met her and i washed her dishes (despite her resistance and we kind of hit it off. She is a nice lady about 40 years old. I intived her to come and she said "No Elder". Her son is on a mission and he always gets afer her telling her to go. A few weeks after I met her we swung by her house to see how they were and she told us that her Mother had passed away a few days before. She opened up a little and cried to us. After we left I had the idea to print her off some of my favorite talks about death and ressurection. I printer her "He is Risen" by President Monson and "Sunday will come" by Jospeh B. Worthlin. We passed by the next day and dropped them off with her daughter. The next sunday in comes Hna. Beliz. Me and Elder tanner were shocked! The whole branch was shocked to see her too but very excited. She came up to us after and told us to come by her house that night.
When we went by she told us that she read the talks and said that for the first time in a long time she felt the Holy Spirit. She said that her testimony had been revived and that she has plans to bcome 100 percent active again. She has come 2 weeks in a row. Great expirience.
Thank you mom for inviting non members. I have a special list of people that i want you to invite as well that i will send in another private email. I am glad that we will have non members there I will take that into account while preparing my talk.
I dont really have alot of other things to say....i still feel like a misisonary and I am excited to come home i guess but sad to leave this country and this people. Mostly I am sad to have to take off my nametag.
The other thing i have to write about is my final interview with President Baldwin. He is also going home this week and so he wanted to have a final interview with the people who are going him this week. He called me into his office and we had the last interview. I asked him some questions and he gave me the "you are going home now" speech. It was pretty hard for both of us but we got through it pretty well. As part of the going home package they give you there is a talk entitled "Love and Marriage". PResident held it up and asked me "Have you thought about that recently?" I said no and he said "Well you will Elder". That was weird. But he cried, i cried (surprise of the century) and we said our goodbyes. The nice part is that we live in Arizona and so i told him i would visit and keep in contact. Elder Deering wants to go golfing with him the week after we get back,
I have a big packet of papers to go through when i gat home. President gave me medical tests i have to go through and letters for mom and dad and president hunt. I have a lot of stories and photos to share. This is going to be so weird.
I have heard from almost all RMs that have left this mission that I knew well that there is a terrible post mission depression that sets in. I will just have to keep myself busy I guess.
Well I think that is it. I still have a few hours left as a missionary working in my area. It has been POURING gatos and perros here lately. it will be a wet last few days. Just like i like them.
Well i gotta go and be a missioanry still
Love Elder Connor Race Davis, Peronia Guatemala.


Tina said...

I so wish we could be there and even more I hope Grandpa makes it. Congrats on completely a very successful mission. I can tell you've been a great missionary, but then I knew you would be! Love ya!

Tina said...

That would be completing.....but I know you were completely successful, too. :)

Janelle Hopkins said...

I have followed your blog and love reading your stories. You don't know me, but my son just entered the Field in your mission yesterday. I will be in arizona for july and wondered if you would be so kind as to share the date of your homecoming talk as well as President Baldwin's homecoming talk. I would love to attend them, and hope they will correspond with my visit to Arizona, as I currently live in Canada. I would need times and chapel address also as I am not from the area. thank you.. You can private message me at