Thursday, September 8, 2011

My name is Race and I go to college

My life has been quite busy lately. Let's take a look at where I am and what I have been doing, shall we?

These are the books required for only 2 of my classes; Western Literature and Literary Criticism. 2 classes, 4books. The scientific name for these books is now-I-don't-have-icus free time-icus. Very dangerous species.

This is another of my least favorite parts of the EAC campus. It may look like a simple raised portion of sidewalk. But it is oh so much more. Its scientific name is make-me-trip-icus in-front of-girls-icus

It gets me almost every time. Right in front of the Library.

Also, the first Sunday I was here the Sacrament meeting schedule at the LDS church where I go was changed. It was a one-time thing but it threw my schedule off. I eat at the cafeteria. I missed lunch. This was a big deal considering I could not buy food (Neh. 10:31). We were in a difficult position.

That is until we pooled our resources (brought from home) and made the following Sabbath Day feast.

It consists of two homemade cookies, a single bran muffin (split precisely in half) and some room temperature root beer. Ingenuity!

Despite the previous statement about having all of my free time taken from me, I have managed to escape the grasp of my assignments periodically and have a (small) social life. Myself and Jordon Udall whipped up a delicious pan of 'double date' this weekend. We went to the ward pool party and then on a bowling extravaganza. Observe:
Jordon and his super date Kammie.

Myself and my super awesome date Julie.

He looks good and he IS good. In the second game he blew us all out of the water.

This is Kammie's patented method "The Maschue Roll-Through". It's incredibly effective.
Her not paying attention.
Me not paying attention.

Fun date. Good times.


Kathleen said...

Thank you for the update! The wilderness post was getting a tad old! Looks like you guys had fun!

Chelsee said...

love your posts! I look forward to them!

Wizard said...
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Wizard said...

Aw man! I remember lugging around those same stupid three books for World Lit. Why did they feel the need to break it up into three?

Markee said...

You kill me! I couldn't pass those classes even if I tried! Fun date night!!!

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Way to be man. Remember that time when you slipped on the grass when we were walking with Caitlyn?

How I miss EAC