Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Shoes

Since it is impossible for all of you to be in my shoes, (either at the same time or individually) I feel the need to post about some recent events, situations and other sundry happenings that I think are interesting.

So you will notice that this post has nothing, in fact, to do with my actual shoes.

The first event was a classroom discussion in my Cultural Anthropology class. I like that class about as much as I like gummy worms. And I hate gummy worms.

We are currently discussing sexism, gender roles in a society, racism, discrimination etc. The following is a crude representation of what happened in that class and in my mind (notice the use of capital and lowercase letters) :

Teacher: "What is race?"
My Thoughts: My first thought "Well Race is 6 feet 2 inches of awesome." My second thought "Noun. A biped of the Caucasoid persuasion, possessing great aptitude in the field of making a fool of himself in public situations."

Teacher: "How can race effect our lives?"
MT: "Well it depends on how well you get to know me."

Teacher: "Is there more than one race?"
MT: "My Facebook search seems to indicate that yes, there are many, I have never met another, however."

Teacher: "What does it mean to be a racist?"
Me: "Well considering that a Marxist follows Marx and a Darwinist believes in Darwin, a Racist must be someone who believes in or follows Me. Right?"

As you can imagine this went on for a while in my mind. There is no one who really knows my name in that class. Therefore I am now letting you all know what its like in my shoes. On this same note, I don't pay a lot of attention in Anthropology.

Moving on to my English classes. In Ms. (Dr.) Simonton's class this was one of the take home assignments she gave us. No bull.

"Write a Faulknerian sentence at least 50 words long, using linking words, subordinate clauses, and parenthetical asides."

Now that may sound like gobs of fun to you, but I often leave that class feeling like an idiot. That's what homework feels like in my shoes.

I now have to go do homework. But thanks for stopping by the Colog, ya bunch of Racists! :)

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Lora said...

I came very close to being in Dr. Simonton's class and this post makes me think I dodged a bullet.
Best of luck on the assignment, I'm glad I'm not in your shoes... (ha ha o how I love corny comments)

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Well I guess that means Im a racist.
"A biped of the Caucasoid persuasion, possessing great aptitude in the field of making a fool of himself in public situations." -so hilariously true.

Moreover, you said you were in a comments competition. Does that mean our old rivalry has been revived or is there another player in the game?

Kathleen said...

I am definitely a racist. I wish i had been a more serious racist in the gold department!
Great post! You should be a writer!

Kris said...

That was awesome! Glad I'm not the only one who gets distracted and thinks of anything but what the teacher wants us to think about.

Rylee said...

hilarious. i guess i'm a racist too! so funny.

Cassie Heap said...

You hate gummy worms?! sad day. ha! Thanks for the laugh though.

Kelly Marie said...

I had Dr. Simonton for 218 and let it be known that that is the hardest class I have ever had by far. Hands down. No BYU class will ever beat it. Best of luck.


Mamma Martin said...

Me, too!! I'm a Racist!!

Dalila said...

Dear Race,
I must say that I love ur anecdote on race(Race).Nice shoes...

Sarah said...

is there such thing as an ANTI RACIST? Count me in for that. lol


Lindsay said...

Proud I'm a RACIST!!!!

Chelsee said...

I am feeling a little out of the loop! this post is over a week old..i had no idea. Why didn't I get a text?!!!!

Kates said...

Seriously I am out of the loop too! I guess I just need to start checking more often! Funny funny post! From now on I will think of racist as my little brother.

Curtis Gardner said...
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Curtis Gardner said...

Is the Blan still the Anthropology teacher at EA? She is racist against Mormons...did I just imply that being Mormon was a race...yes, yes I did.

PS: Gila Hank for President

Island pepperpot said...

I am no longer in colledge, to old for that however I enjoyed reading your post just got to ask what's a Racist? I hope you take up writing after school you are good.

Markee said...

This is awesome! I didn't get a text either, but I guess i'll admit it, I'm a racist! :)