Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks for the Kindle!

Well ladies and gentleman, let me here officially announce that I was chosen as a winner in the blogging contest, and that I have been awarded a new Amazon Kindle!

I am truly grateful for this gift, and I must give you credit for my winning. You diligently voted for me when I asked and that helped to get me into the judging.

Also, my brother Chantz must be given credit. I am sure that his girly belly laugh in the winning post was a key factor to the victory. In the end it was somewhat like a business.

I created a product.

You supported it because you liked it.

You gain joy and happiness and I gain payment (a kindle).

But of course, this means that I am the only one that wins a Kindle. My blog currently has about 100 registered followers, who can be seen on the right had side of the page. Out of roughly 100 members, I (the creator/author) am the only one who won a Kindle.

That makes me the dreaded 1%!

If you have been following the news recently you have noticed the "Occupy" protests that have been going on. They are unhappy with the wealthiest 1% of the American population.

I feel it my American duty to be progressive and fair-minded by OCCUPYING THE COLOG!

I will hereby cut my Amazon Kindle into equal pieces and distribute it to my loyal fans.

I mean after all, is it fair that I, the creator of this blog get an award for my work? What right do I have to claim the reward for my effort? That sounds un-American, unfair and illogical.

I sincerely apologize for working in order to make a good blog that people like. I am sorry that I won an award. It is shameful that I accept payment for doing what I do. Why that sounds like...The American Dream!


The Colog 1%.


Rylee said...

Amen brother!

Brenda said...


The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

I have the right to be as equally successful as you without putting in the same effort! I want my piece of the kindle.

Congrats again Race. I miss you bunches old buddy. I laughed so hard at the last picture.

My way said...

Welcome to my blog

Stephanie said...

hahahaha oh my goodness! I love the way you think but I do believe you should be proud of all the effort you put into this! You did all the work, and everyone that subscribes to your blog just supports you, it's not like they HAD to do anything. I sincerely hope you didn't do anything to the kindle, even tho I am an e-bookaphobe.