Saturday, December 3, 2011

No Shave November: The Novembeard and its Ultimate Demise

For those of you who have never heard of "No Shave November" I shall explain:

In November, You No Shave.

Got it?

It swept the nation, and this year it swept me up with it. I started the second week in November, but I did not shave until Dec. 1st. I will admit, however, that I did do some trimming.

I have never grown out my facial hair, and so I decided to try it.

Any man who participated suffered from some of the masculine side effects of "No Shave November", including:
  • Dramatic increase in grunting/ red meat consumption
  • Excessive use of flannel
  • A rejection of modern conveniences such as: indoor plumbing, deodorant and tooth care items
  • Heightened urge to maim/kill/barbecue innocent animals
  • "Me sleep more time" is heard throughout man caves everywhere
  • Desire to organize a wagon train and travel the "Oregon trail"
  • The Bass Pro Shop is referred to as "Mecca" or "Valhalla"
  • Urge to trade in current car for a truck
  • Refusal to travel without an ax, shotgun and/or jug of moonshine
  • Regular sacrifices are made to a statue of John Wayne

This is my Novembeard

Its really not a beard is it? More of a November goatee...
The pre-Christmas month goatee of excellence
Before I got out the razor I used some scissors to shorten the matter up a little
I shaved off everything but the mustache. I think I look like a French used-car salesman
I couldn't resist trying the Adolph stash. It was a Hit. :)

The freshly shaved final finished face.

I was not a huge fan of the facial hair until I realized that when I had it, no one asked me for I.D. when I bought shotgun shells or spray-paint.

And then, once I shaved, I was not a huge fan of the 12-year-old look either.

Leave your two cents in a comment below

SHAVED OR SCRUFFY? Which do you prefer?

Be honest! I still don't know which I like best....


Kathleen said...

You look like a Sherwood sans the beard. You look like a Guatemalan with the beard. I like the Sherwood look!

Curtis Gardner said...

No shave November...that's against the Honor Code.

(See what I have become while attending BYU...)

Kates said...

I have to say that a soft face is better than scruff. Baby face all the way!

Rylee said...

shaved for me too!

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

Its a pretty nappy beard race....but its more than I I did let my sideburns grow out for no shave november. Too bad you didnt have that for the gypsie/pirate party freshman year.

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

On that note, I think Heavenly Father just didnt give me a lot of beard because He knew that I would let it grow. I listen to too much 60s and 70s music to not have a mustache

Tina said...

Clean shaven, if you care what your OLD aunt thinks. But it was impressive!

Markee said...

oh dear heavens, shaved all the way. but pretty dang impressed!!

Erin said...


Cassie Heap said...

Shaved all the way :)

Brenda said...

Can you settle in the middle with the French car-salesman 'stash?

Katrinka Marie said...

I'm loving the scruff.

wendospendo said...