Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buying the Basics and Adjusting

Well everyone, I have survived my first few days here at the BYU.

The basic necessities of life are always one's first priority. I love cooking on my own, but I haven't really done it since my mission, and even then it wasn't every meal. I have been trying really hard to eat healthily, which further complicates the issue. Since this is now a thrice daily adventure, I have come to some conclusions about cooking as a college student:
  • Ramen Noodles, while not that good for you at all, can be added to any meal as filler. 
  • You only need to buy 1 cup, one plate, and one utensil. Less dishes to wash. Just don't invite anyone over for dinner.
  • Salt, Pepper, butter and tupperware are like toilet paper- you never notice them until they are gone. Basic things are the hardest to remember to buy.
  •  St. George foreman is the patron Saint of easy lunch and Lean Mean Fat-Reducing.
One of the places I went to first when I got here was the mall. However, I noticed something peculiar about this mall that I hadn't noticed anywhere else. Here is a floor plan of the University Mall in Orem Utah:

Its a little small and hard to see, for that I apologize.

But out of a mall of this size (about average) how many of these shops would you guess are jewelry stores? An average mall has what? 2?

Maybe 3?

4 tops right?

5 would be pushing about it!

Well this conveniently located shopping center (close to both UVU and BYU) is home to 10 businesses where you could buy a ring for that special someone (or someones). Utah Joke!

I also recently went to buy some kitchen stuff at the D.I. (the home depot of thrift stores) and made some serious scores. The only one I will mention is my epic mug.

When mug shopping, I simply followed the battle cry of Obama's government model: the bigger the better. The pictures don't do it justice. Its a big fella.

You know how sometimes you are eating cookies and milk and the cookie breaks off and vanishes to the creamy and highly unreachable depths of your glass? This problem has been solved.

 I can stick my entire closed hand into that bad boy. And at a whopping 75 cents, I couldn't be happier.

The only problem with this mug is that it has nothing written on it. I feel that a vessel of this mugnitude (tehehe) deserves to have something sweet written on the outside. I am now accepting suggestions for the cover art of my mug. Some options we have discussed among ourselves:
  • World's Greatest Mug
  • Magness ver Mugnessen
  • 44 Mugnum 
  • Muggie Gyllenhal
  • Animal Mugnitism
  • Mugnum P.I.
  • Mugnanimous  

Any suggestions will be warmly received. Consider my libation receptacle your blank canvas. Leave a comment!


Rylee said...

you are freaking hilarious! and i like muggie gyllenhal or mugnum p.i. keep these posts comin!!!

The Tanner and Bryan Experience said...

What is this a mall for ants? It needs to be at least three times as big!

Well Race sounds like you're as smug as a bug in a mug up there in Provo. Live life. Laugh lots. Post often.

Chantz H. Davis said...

Mom here.... Not much to smile about today but this sure did the trick!!! You should definitely post often! How about the Mugna Carta! I know you like it!

Chantz H. Davis said...

Mom again..." what about huMUGous!

Markee said...

Mughamad Ali

Chantz H. Davis said...

Dad says mucho mug or the mother of all mugs!

Chantz H. Davis said...

Mom s here agai.... This is the winner..... Mugga Teresa!